Best Skateboard Grip Tape in 2022: A Complete Guide
best skateboard grip tape


Grip tape is not something people take into account in a board setup. Many spend more time considering the wheels, bearing, and deck, but grip tape is just as important when it comes to the overall functionality of your setup.

Grip tape comes in a variety of durability and coarseness to be customized to your liking. You can find them in different sizes, and some are easier to apply than others. When building your board setup, it is important to consider what the best skateboard grip tape might be for your specific needs. Here is our review of the best skateboard grip tape options in 2022.

1. Mr. Pen- Grip Tape, 10” x 36”, Skateboard Grip Tape, Non-Slip Tape, Scooter Grips, Longboard Grip Tape, Griptape, Grip Tape Skateboard, Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet, Grip Tape for Skateboards, Black

The Mr. Pen Grip Tape is rated the #1 best seller for grip tapes on Amazon, so you can have peace of mind in knowing you’re purchasing a reliable product at a reasonable price.

The Mr. Pen Grip Tape is 10” x 36”, and can be cut to suit your board. Most users recommend cutting it from the bottom for a smoother design. Mr. Pen Grip Tape is made from silicone-carbide grit that is durable and meant to last.

This tape is 1/32in thick, it’s easy to apply and can withstand hot and cold temperatures.

A few users found that the product became less grippy with use, or that it would peel off if the surface of the deck was not properly cleaned before application.

Key Features

  • Made of silicone-carbide grit
  • Durable and meant to last
  • Standard black color


  • Small business owned
  • Affordable and reliable product
  • Easy to apply


  • May peel off if the deck wasn’t cleaned
  • May lose grit with use

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2. Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet Black 33” Long x 9” Wide – No Bubble Application

If you’re looking to purchase a reputable brand of grip tape of good quality, you may consider the Mob Skateboard Grip Tape.

Applying grip tape can be stressful and difficult, especially for beginners. Many run into the issue of having bubbles trapped beneath the grip tape. The holes in the Mob Skateboard Grip Tape prevent bubbles and allow room for air to escape.

The Mob Skateboard Grip Tape is manufactured with a waterproof layer to ensure that the grip tape won’t start peeling when exposed to moisture or weather.

While it’s important to care for your skateboard and keep it out of extreme weather conditions, it might inevitably be exposed to small amounts of water sooner or later, so ensure that your grip tape can resist the elements.

The Mob Skateboard Grip Tape comes in standard black, and also has options to purchase with “Thraser” or “Destroy” text for a personalized look.

The only concern that users have with Mob Skateboard Grip Tape is that it might arrive folded, so you’ll have to unfold it and wait for the folds to settle before applying.

Key Features

  • Options for text design
  • Medium-coarse grit
  • Waterproof layer


  • Easy application due to the holes in the grip tape
  • Can withstand weather conditions
  • Well known, reliable brand


  • May arrive folded and need time to settle before application

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3. 11” x 44” Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet, ZUEXT Bubble-Free Waterproof Black Scooter Grip Tape, Longboard Griptape, Sandpaper for Rollerboard, Stairs, Gun, Pedal, Pistol, Wheelchair, Steps (110x27cm)

If you’re looking for a grip tape that offers reliability and customization and is packaged well, you may consider the ZUEXT 11” x 44” Skateboard grip tape.

The ZUEXT 11” x 44” Skateboard Grip Tape is made of 1.5mm silicon-carbide grit that can withstand hot and cold temperatures. It offers a long-lasting grip for full control over your board.

This tape can be customized because it is sold in a standard black option, a clear option, and a black and yellow option. The clear option can be used to add stickers or another design on the deck beneath the tape, whereas the black and yellow colors can give a more unique appearance to your board.

One flaw that many grip tapes sold online have is that they are not packaged properly for shipping and often come with folds that make the application much more difficult. Fortunately, the ZUEXT 11” x 44” grip tape comes perfectly rolled up, so you should be able to apply it with no issues. Many users find this feature of ZUEXT grip tape extremely helpful.

Other users found that this grip tape was more difficult to apply because it was rolled up too tightly. It is simply a personal preference to determine whether or not you would like to apply grip tape that has folds in it or one that has been tightly rolled for shipment.

Key Features

  • 1.5mm silicon-carbide grit
  • Available in black, clear, and black and yellow
  • High level of grip


  • Rolled to avoid damage in shipment
  • Option to customize the appearance
  • Longer length so it can suit longboards


  • Some find the grip tape to be rolled too tightly and difficult to apply

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4. 2 Pack 9” x 33” Skateboard Grip Tape Sheets, ZUEXT Bubble-Free Waterproof Black Scooter Grip Tape, Longboard Griptape, Sandpaper for Rollerboard, Stairs, Gun, Pedal, Pistol, Wheelchair, Steps (94x23cm)

If you’re looking for a cost-effective option suitable for a standard-sized skateboard that offers all the exceptional features of ZUEXT Skateboard Grip Tape, you might consider the 2 pack of 9” x 33” grip tape by ZUEXT.

The 2-pack of 9” x 33” ZUEXT grip tape comes in black, camouflage, or clear to allow customization for your board setup.

ZUEXT grip tape is 1.5mm in thickness, which gives durability and grip to your board while still being easy to apply. Plus, this set of grip tape is rolled up to prevent further damage.

The ZUEXT 2 pack of 9” x 33” is the most affordable option for grip tape, as long as your board meets the required dimensions. If your board is within these measurements, this pack of grip tape can be an excellent option for those on a budget.

Key Features

  • 1.5mm silicone-carbide grit
  • Available in black, clear, and camouflage
  • Best suited for boards 33” or shorter


  • Rolled to prevent being damaged or creased
  • Customizable appearance
  • Cost-effective option


  • Cannot fit longer boards
  • Some may find the grip tape to be rolled too tightly

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5. 11” x 50” Black Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet, ZUEXT Bubble-Free Waterproof Scooter Grip Tape, Longboard Griptape, Sandpaper for Rollerboard, Stairs, Gun, Pedal, Pistol, Wheelchair, Steps (125x27cm)

The 11” x 50” Grip Tape Sheet is ideal for longer boards. If you have a very long board you wish to use grip tape on, this option may be ideal for you.

The 11” x 50” ZUEXT Grip Tape Sheet offers a full range of features: reliability, good packaging, easy application, and customization. Some people even like to add small sections of grip tape to electric skateboards for more control.

The ZUEXT Grip Tape is long-lasting and withstands extreme temperatures. While you should avoid getting your skateboard wet, ZUEXT grip tape can withstand small amounts of moisture without peeling.

ZUEXT Grip Tape is packaged in rolls so it won’t become creased or folded during shipment. Some find that the rolled versions of this grip tape can be difficult to apply if they have been rolled more tightly.

ZUEXT Grip Tape 11” x 50” can be customized to your choice of black, clear, or black and yellow colors, adding personality to your board beyond the deck and wheels.

Key Features

  • Larger 11” x 50” size
  • Well-packaged in rolls
  • 1.5mm silicone-carbide grit


  • Suitable for longboards
  • Reliable and long-lasting product
  • Customizable appearance


  • It may be rolled tightly which could make the application difficult

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Best Skateboard Grip Tape: What to Look For

Grip tape helps your feet stay on the board, making tricks and general riding both safer and easier. There are several factors to consider to ensure that you get the best grip tape for you:


For longboards or riding on rough roads, it’s important to have very coarse grip tape to ensure that your feet maintain contact with the board as you navigate bumpy terrains at high speeds.

For park skating, you might prefer slightly less coarseness to be able to move and slide your feet quickly off of your board during tricks.

Design and Color

Most grip tape comes in a standard black color. Many skaters are satisfied with standard black because there is still plenty of room for customization in the wheels, trucks, and deck. If you want to add more personality to your board, a clear grip tape will allow you to create a personalized design.

Application and Stickiness

A quality grip tape is easy to apply and lasts long. Keep in mind that once the tape is in place, it is almost impossible to remove it.


Grip tape might be often overlooked in a skateboard setup, but it’s just as important as all other components. When purchasing grip tape for your skate setup, we hope that the options on this list will help you pick among the best skateboard grip tape options on the market.


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